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02 marca 2016
wszystkie artykuły z działu >> FIRMY

Avant-Gard architecture Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé stand at Ambiente 2016 Frankfurt

Something different and outstanding


Fair stand is not just a place of signing contracts, but primarily a place of building company image. Running a stand at a trade show or exhibition is hard work and often exhausting. But all over the world, this is how commerce has to be conducted by many business sectors, so do make the best of it!

At the fair Ambiente 2016 you can see many beautiful and interesting stands. One's most interesting, according to Exspace, was the stand Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé in HALL 6.3.

Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé, Ambiente 2016 / fot. BLEACH DESIGN

Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé, Ambiente 2016 / fot. Urszula Kałużna

Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé, Ambiente 2016 / Joana Caetano and Urszula Kałużna / fot. Urszula Kałużna

Arfai participates at Ambiente for 20 years, since its very beginning, and Jomazé for around 15 years. As a partnership they exhibit together for 7 years already. At this booth, one could have found Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé. Decorative ceramics manufacturers from Portugal, working for around 30 years in the industry

Operating in the same field of business, the companies have decided on 2009 to join their strengths and challenge the volatilities of the market together. Both companies are traditionally exports oriented, having around 80-90% of their production capacity exported to some of the most famous names and international brands of home interiors from all over the world, Arfai and Jomazé an informal strategic partnership has allowed both companies to gain scale in the international market they operate.

Arfai Ceramics Portugal and Jomazé, Ambiente 2016 / fot. Urszula Kałużna

After some years of partnership Arfai and Jomazé decided to give a step ahead, and created Home Living Ceramics, an exclusive brand, that aims to add value to the companies work. Operating as manufacturers, the work developed by the companies is never seen by the final consumer. And so, Home Living Ceramics, by reaching the final consumer as it leaves the factory, allow the companies to work in a different dimension of identity, recognition and added-value.

And so, at the STAND C80, during Ambiente Fair these 3 identities were exhibiting harmoniously their new collections of decorative ceramic items.

Joana Caetano, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Arfai Ceramics Portugal in an interview with Urszula Kałużna, editor-in-chief Exspace.

Urszula Kałużna: Who design and build the stand?

Joana Caetano : The stand was designed by the company BLEACH DESIGN, under exact guidelines of both Arfai and Jomaze team of designers. The stand was also built by BLEACH Design, who assures stands design, building and continuous follow-up. They work with the best partners from all over the world, who assure the stand building at high standards - this was actually the reason why we risked to work with them for Ambiente after many years working with the same stand builder.

What were the initial proposals to the stand?

The initial proposals to the stand were discussed between our design team and BLEACH. In the first meeting, the main guidelines were brief and clear: we want something different and outstanding that will enhance our product and allow us to exhibit harmoniously three different identities: Jomazé, Arfai and Home Living ceramics.

We wanted an avant-gard architecture to mark the diference. Decorative ceramics has a strong history and tradition and so it is quite easy to fall in the same traditional way of exhibiting.

More specifically our design team was interested in developing the idea of multi leveled exhibition. A way to have our product seen from different perspectives and so to value it in its different sides - something that would give the product tridimensionality - this was why the multileveled tables.

The back wall - where did the idea?

Following the same avant-gard approach, brought the stand dynamism and tridimensionality what allowed us to present ourselves as modern and contemporaneous. An important idea to our business once we want our visitors and customers to know they are dealing with manufacturers who "do their homework", keeping up with the main trends in terms of product design.

Finally, the two totems with the pieces. Being a special corner of the stand, the two totems made up with ceramic vases intended to mark the difference and to catch the attention for something that is willing to challenge. This is what Home Living Ceramics is willing to do by offering luxurious ceramics for the home.

Thank you for the conversation

We invite you to visit the companies and brand websites in order to find more informations:, and


Ambiente, the largest, and most important trade fair for the consumer goods industry, is the launching pad for innovation and new trends. Taking place each February at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2016 Ambiente was host to 4,387 exhibitors from 96 countries in addition to 137,000 buyers representing 143 countries.



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